Maia Rauschenberg celebrates Mardy Murie, author of Two in the Far North (Alaska Northwest Books, 2003). Reviews of: Wilderness Ethics: Preserving the Spirit of Wildness by Laura and Guy Waterman. White Mountains Hiking History: Trailblazers of the Granite State by Mike Dickerman. New England Trail Map and Guide by the Appalachian Mountain Club and Connecticut Forest & Park Association. Trail Running Western Massachusetts by Ben Kimball. The Precipice by Paul Doiron. The Tower: A Chronicle of Climbing and Controversy on Cerro Torre by Kelly Cordes. Barren Grounds: The Story of the Tragic Moffat Canoe Trip by Skip Pessl. Savage Mountain by John Smelcer. Southbounders: A Journey on the Appalachian Trail, an independent dramatic film.

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