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Reviews of: The American Alpine Journal 2021: The World's Most Significant Climbs and Accidents in North American Climbing, both by the American Alpine Club. Trail Running Illustrated, by Doug Mayer and Brian Metzler. To Be a Warrior, by Brandon Pullan. A Beautiful Work in Progress: A Memoir, by Mirna Valerio. Honouring High Places, by Junko Tabei and Helen Y. Rolfe. Overexposure, by Chad Sayers. The Third Pole, by Mark Synnott. NH Rocks that Rock: An Adventure Guide to Twenty-Five Famous Boulders of the Granite State, by Uma and Dan Szczesny. Edward Feuz Jr., by D. L. Stephen. Queen of the Mountaineers, by Cathryn J. Prince. National Geographic Atlas of the National Parks, by Jon Waterman. Hut to Hut USA: The Complete Guide for Hikers, Bikers, and Skiers, by Laurel Bradley and Sam Demas.

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