Among the many updates on mountaineering in the greater ranges in late 2022 and early 2023 is a report of a record 479 permits issued for Mount Everest in spring 2023; seventeen died. In May 2023, climbers establish a new route on India’s Meru. Updates on Kristin Harila’s record time of completing all fourteen 8,000-meter peaks in 2023. Three climbers establish a new route, Technicolour Superdream, on Alaska’s Mount Huntington. A new route on the East Face of Mount Dickey. German Jost Kobusch tackles a hard route up Denali. A new route by Czechs up Suru Peak in Nepal. An essay memorializes Allen Steck. Appalachia Assistant Book Editor Stephen Kurczy interviews the Assistant Alpina Editor Michael Levy about his relaunching of Summit Journal.

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