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This paper extends an earlier out-of-core Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) method for a uniprocessor with the Parallel Disk Model (PDM) to use multiple processors. Four out-of-core multiprocessor methods are examined. Operationally, these methods differ in the size of "mini-butterfly" computed in memory and how the data are organized on the disks and in the distributed memory of the multiprocessor. The methods also perform differing amounts of I/O and communication. Two of them have the remarkable property that even though they are computing the FFT on a multiprocessor, all interprocessor communication occurs outside the mini-butterfly computations. Performance results on a small workstation cluster indicate that except for unusual combinations of problem size and memory size, the methods that do not perform interprocessor communication during the mini-butterfly computations require approximately 86% of the time of those that do. Moreover, the faster methods are much easier to implement.


Revised version appeared in IOPADS '97.