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The new era of digital video and multimedia technologies has created the potential for large libraries of digital video. With this new technology come the challenges of creating usable means by which such large and diverse depositories of digital information (digital libraries) can be efficiently queried and accessed so that (a) the response is fast, (b) the communication over the Internet is minimal and (c) the retrieval is characterized by high precision and recall. In this paper we discuss how existing digital video editing tools, together with data compression techniques, can be combined to create a fast, accurate and cost effective video retrieval system for remote users. The traditional approaches employed in text databases, such as keyword searching and volume browsing, are inadequate mechanisms for a video retrieval system for remote users because, (a) they don't apply to video at all, or (b) they are not practical due to the amounts of data involved, or (c) they have insufficient resolution to be useful in a video archive. New techniques must be developed that facilitate the query and selection of digital video. This paper presents one such scheme.