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This thesis documents the most recent effort to develop a user-friendly image processing software package for the Laser Scanning Phase Modulation Microscope (LSPMM). The LSPMM is composed of three integrated subsystems, the Laser Scanning (LS) system, the Phase Modulation (PM) system, and Digital Image Acquisition (DIA) system. Under the control of the image processing software, the DIA system can receive and store the digital image data, display the image on a monochrome monitor, and process the image to provide the microscopist with quantitative information regarding the image. The implementation of this image processing software package required the specification of a four level software hierarchy to serve as an organizational framework, with the highest level interacting with the LSPM microscopist, and the lowest level performing hardware control. This framework should prove useful for the development and implementation of additional software in the future. The programs that were developed accept command line arguments; however, most will interactively query the user if the command line arguments are not known. This software provides the microscopist with the capability to scan, save, and display a 512 by 512 pixel image. The image may be scanned to, saved from, or displayed in either of the two DeAnza image display memory planes. Considerable effort has been made to incorporate all of the devices useful for image processing into a single operating system kernel. This alleviates the problem of taking down one operating system and bringing up another version in order to dump image files on magnetic tape.


Master's thesis for Thayer School of Engineering.