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To make ad hoc wireless networks adaptive to different mobility and traffic patterns, this paper proposes an approach to swap from one protocol to another protocol dynamically, while routing continues. By the insertion of a thin new layer, we were able to make each node in the ad hoc wireless network notify each other about the protocol swap. To ensure that routing works efficiently after the protocol swap, we initialized the destination routing protocol's data structures and reused the previous routing information to build the new routing table. We also tested our approach under different network topologies and traffic patterns in static networks to learn whether the swap was fast and whether the swap incurred too much overhead. We found that the swap latency was related to the nature of the destination protocol and the topology of the network. We also found that the control packet ratio after swap was close to that of the protocol running without swap, which indicates that our method does not incur too much overhead for the swap.


This report is superceded by TR2009-641; please see that report instead. This report is a shortened and updated version of the M.S. thesis that appeared as TR2005-566.