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Garden of Eden is an exercise in procedural generation of lifelike worlds. It randomly generates a forest scene of realistically shaped and proportioned asymmetric trees on top of a simple topographical map. This map is then rendered in an HTML5 3D canvas, with support for user navigation. The end result of this project is a sort of game, though without any goal, narrative, or creative purpose. It is simply a static rendering of a natural environment, open for exploration, closed to manipulation, exploring how users find visual pleasure and meaning in virtual environments. The passive interaction of the user is integral to this simulation, as it reflects how one would observe a natural environment; by forcing the user into the same perspective from which they view actual forest environments, Garden of Eden explores the concept of natural, the distinction between real and virtual, and the user's sense of place. All software packages are offered open source, with detailed documentation, for users wishing to create their own arboreal experience.


Senior Design Project, Advisor: Devin Balkcom