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Download 11. Postcapitalism in Space: Kim Stanley Robinson's Utopian Science Fiction (304 KB)


How has American literature responded to the dominance of neoliberalism? Does it make sense to speak of an "American" literature in neoliberal times? Can literature function as either a neutral category or a privileged narrative of national imagination in a time when paradigms of the nation-state and of liberal capitalism are undergoing a prolonged shift? In the United States, as elsewhere, the association between the nation-state, liberal capitalism, and literary form has a long history, reflecting determinate relations between writer and reader within imagined national community. As this community loses its symbolic efficiency in the age of neoliberal capital, the boundaries and possibilities of literary production and representation shift. This collection of essays examines how American literature both models and interrogates the neoliberal present. Has literary realism been exhausted as a narrative form? Can contemporary literature still imagine either the end of capitalism or an alternative to it?



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Dartmouth College Press


Hanover, NH


American Literature | American Studies | Arts and Humanities


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Kennedy, Liam, and Stephen Shapiro, eds. Neoliberalism and Contemporary American Literature. Hanover, New Hampshire: Dartmouth College Press, 2019.

Neoliberalism and Contemporary American Literature