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Like a road trip, building and sustaining an open repository is rich with anticipation, road maps, detours, persistence, perseverance, and finally, a deep sense of accomplishment for weathering the experiences and reaching a destination. Dartmouth’s repository road trip has been long and winding, but in 2017 the Library launched Open Dartmouth: Faculty Open Access on Digital Commons. After a long journey, this seemed like the primary destination, but like most road trips, the destination was the start of the next journey: sustaining growth and participation to continue to build this valuable open resource.

Road trips offer time to better understand passengers involved in the journey. Dartmouth’s repository road trip revealed that faculty wanted a repository that could be populated and sustained without their participation, and the Dartmouth Faculty Open Access Policy itself reflects this. While this policy detail could be a roadblock, instead it served as a reason to seek and advocate for resources to power and sustain the journey through innovative services such as 1science. This presentation will reveal how an alternate route led to the discovery of 1foldr Data from 1science, which is providing the turbo fuel needed to power the next leg of Dartmouth’s repository road trip.


Presented at the 2018 Open Repositories Conference in Bozeman, Montana.