Maximizing Learning and Research Outcomes with Student Journals

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Dartmouth College has long prided itself for its dedication to teaching, and the library, therefore, also considered student publishing a part of the scholarly communication program’s strategic objectives, adopting Digital Commons, in part, to publish student journals. Though the pandemic has slowed recruitment efforts, the Dartmouth Library is planning to continue building on existing student journals and integrating student publishing efforts into our larger academic publishing program.

Two open access, student-run journals annually published by Purdue University Press provide an environment for undergraduates to disseminate their faculty-mentored research projects and to experience the scholarly publishing process firsthand. From submission to peer review, revision, acceptance, and production, student authors prepare for professional or continued educational endeavors with both research and publishing skills under their belts.

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Krueger, S.G., Martin, S., & Purple, K. (2021, October 27). Maximizing Learning and Research Outcomes with Student Journals [Conference presentation]. Digital Commons North American Conference. https://dc.researchcommons.org/exhibit/digital-commons-user-conference/hang-ten-with-dc-journals/maximizing-learning-and-research-outcomes-with-student-journals/