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Northeast Institutional Repository Day


As awareness and acceptance of trans and gender diverse people grows, scholarly publishing has seen a movement to support trans authors through inclusive name change policies. This work mainly happens through trans scholars approaching publishers and requesting these changes. Sometimes this results in a new policy that supports the authors and protects them from being outed to co-authors and readers; other times, the policies are less than ideal or do not change at all. While most of the focus is on publishers and organizations, institutional repositories can and should take similar steps to respect and protect their trans authors. This presentation will go over the reasons why it is important to take steps to protect authors in this way, then walk through the background of the push to make scholarly publishing more trans-inclusive through author name change policies. It will then address practical considerations for developing such policies for institutional repositories. Specific issues include the logistics of author name changes, how to inform authors of their options, and how to minimize outing trans authors.

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Krueger, S.G. (2021, December 2). Trans Inclusion Through Name Change Policies in Institutional Repositories [Lightning talk]. Northeast Institutional Repository Day.