Tales of the Old Burying Ground


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A Podcast Inspired by the Dartmouth College Cemetery.


Did You Know That Dartmouth College Has A Cemetery?October 16, 2019. An introduction to our podcast. Ilana Grallert, Rauner Special Collections Library. Original Music by Bill Ghezzi.

Episode 1 - William Dewey, Philosopher Farmer. October 31, 2019. Death by lighting. A child stuck in a well. And a 'List of deaths in Vicinity of Dartmouth College.' The writings of a philosopher farmer in Hanover at the end of the 18th century. Produced by Anindu Rentala '21. Voice Acting by Richard Heck.

Episode 2 - Grave Robbers, Blackmail, and Cover-Ups… Oh My! November 5, 2019. How to rob a grave and others ways to get in trouble. Produced by Christopher Cartwright '21.

Episode 3 - Imagining Your Burial. November 7, 2019. Where will you be buried when you die? Produced by Josephine Kim during her exchange at Dartmouth from Wellesley College.

Episode 4 - From Student Row to Frat Row. November 12, 2019. The price of brotherhood. Produced by Gabrielle Cooper '21.

Episode 5 - Where Are the People of Color? November 14, 2019. The Dartmouth Cemetery has only two known gravestones for people of color. Produced by Anna Koester, MALS.

Episode 6 - Behind the Scenes. November 19, 2019. Preserving history. Produced by Ethan Weinstein '21.

Episode 7 - Patterson’s Disgrace. November 26, 2019. An almunus' involvement in one of the country’s earliest political scandals. Produced by Habib Sabet '21.

Episode 8 - Murder on Vale Hill. December 2, 2019. Christie Warden died. But Frank Almy became legend. Produced by Aika Riguera '21.

DidYouKnowDartmouthCollegeHasACemetery.mp3 (2271 kB)
Introduction: Did You Know That Dartmouth College Has A Cemetery?

William_Dewey_Philosopher_Farmer.mp3 (17287 kB)
Episode 1: William Dewey, Philosopher Farmer

Grave_Robbers_Blackmail_and_Cover-Ups_Oh_My_.mp3 (9859 kB)
Episode 2: Grave Robbers, Blackmail, and Cover-Ups…Oh My!

Imagining_Your_Burial.mp3 (18581 kB)
Episode 3: Imagining Your Burial

final_final.mp3 (6940 kB)
Episode 4: From Student Row to Frat Row

final_podcast_edit_1_.mp3 (7860 kB)
Episode 5: Where Are the People of Color?

EthanPodcast_Final3.mp3 (17378 kB)
Episode 6: Behind the Scenes

Patterson_Podcast_Final.mp3 (8917 kB)
Episode 7: Patterson’s Disgrace

Murder_on_Vale_Hill.mp3 (7680 kB)
Episode 8: Murder on Vale Hill