“And There Was a Large Number of People”: The Occom Circle Project at the Dartmouth College Library

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The Dartmouth College Library’s Occom Circle Project produced a scholarly digital edition of the papers of Samson Occom (1723–1792), a Mohegan Indian and the most widely published Native American writer of the 18th century. This chapter describes the development of the Dartmouth College Library’s project management process. The Library at the time of this writing did not have a separate digital humanities department, program, or center, but it has a long tradition of producing digital projects. It is still in the early stages of developing staff dedicated to leading and supporting large-scale, ongoing digital humanities

projects. The Occom Circle Project provides a case study in organizational

change and an example of how subject specialists and department

liaisons can work within their libraries’ existing cultures to develop new

skills and connections to support and foster the digital humanities.