ENGG 390 Reports (MEM Students)

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John Harris

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Fall 9-25-2021


Eerste Technology is a start-up helping college students who share a similar interest to participate in outdoor or indoor activities together and assisting local creational businesses to get more customers. Its main product, EZ CROSS is an IOS-based app providing comprehensive information on college student extracurricular activities. It offers a bird’ eye view event guide for students to enrich college life, increase their influence within the campus and expand their networking. As the frontend engineer, backend engineer, data analysis and project manager, I was responsible for developing a website from both the client-side and database- side, testing the website for usability, ensuring browser compatibility, generating conclusions from data collected via the website, and leading the planning, procurement, and execution of the project. The website version of this social networking app is being used to gain users and market insights. The data analysis model I created can suggest the type of local businesses with which the company should try to engage.

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Restricted: Campus/Dartmouth Community Only Access


Available to Dartmouth community via local IP address.