ENGG 390 Reports (MEM Students)

Degree Program


Faculty Advisor

Trent Staats

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Publication Date

Fall 9-12-2022


At Verkada, Jack automated the data pipeline used to source, validate and import contact leads for the marketing organization’s demand generation team. After observing and executing the manual process numerous times, Jack updated existing scripts and then found and implemented the APIs of services which had been being manually used to improve and consolidate the existing work on the pipeline. Jack then incorporated several AWS services to create a seamless end-to-end pipeline capable of parsing data, validating emails, cleaning data and finally importing the data into a shared resource. Once the pipeline had been created, Jack built the infrastructure necessary for production level deployment and finally created the user-facing web pages.

Level of Access

Restricted: Campus/Dartmouth Community Only Access


Available to Dartmouth community via local IP address.