ENGG 390 Reports (MEM Students)


Han YanFollow

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Dave Tabor

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Summer 9-11-2022


For the past summer, I served as a summer analyst at an investment bank in New York, specializing in healthcare coverage. Accordingly, I primarily engaged with healthcare corporations, helping them execute transactions such as equity and bond offering, mergers and acquisitions, private placement, spin-off, divestiture, restructuring, and more. My responsibilities include creating presentational materials such as pitchbooks, teaser documents, and confidential information memorandums, conducting valuations through rNPV, DCF, trading comps, and precedent transactions, and performing administrative tasks such as managing visual datarooms, client facing and taking meeting notes. One of the projects I was staffed on was a licensing transaction for which I needed to conduct a valuation of its clinical-stage pharmaceutical assets to provide an accurate intrinsic value. To do so, I incorporate the random forest model and PrOCTOR method developed by the Department of Public Health into the traditional risk-adjusted net present value model so that my client could better understand the value of the drug in the pipeline.

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