ENGS 86 Independent Projects (AB Students)

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Jeremy Faludi

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Spring 6-6-2019


User tests with 30 Dartmouth Engineering and STEM undergraduates were performed to investigate preferences toward a set of data visualizations and web layouts showing life-cycle assessment data and corresponding uncertainty. The data was collected and synthesized from academic papers, corporate manufacturers, and self-generated using the LCA software Sustainable Minds. A variety of visualizations were produced to accurately and aesthetically represent the data graphically, and especially understand how non-technical audiences interact with different displays of uncertainty, which is a key component of data visualization that is lacking from most LCA design guides. Web layouts were produced to present key information about the product and suggest sustainable design strategies in a digestible way end users.Ultimately, these learnings will be applied towards the creation of a free, user-friendly, online guide that provides useful recommendations for designers to reference when considering the assembly of products.

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Engineering Commons