ENGS 86 Independent Projects (AB Students)

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Benoit Cushman-Roisin

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0000 0000 8455 2240

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This study aimed to verify the viability of the planned hot water heating network at Dartmouth, and determine the necessary hot water radiator areas needed to satisfy the empirically-determined heat demand for buildings on campus, using 5 year of steam con- sumption data. In order to verify viability, the pressure and temperature of the delivery steam and return condensate of the current heating network were used to find the amount of heat delivered per pound of steam to campus. The above-mentioned steam consump- tion data were then used to find the max heat demand for the past five years and from this, the necessary flow rate of the new hot water network was determined based on the intended temperate and pressures for the system. Additionally, those parameters, along with the max demand determined earlier, were then used to find the necessary radiator area given the known temperature drop across the heat exchangers, and by extension, the heat transferred to each building. The conclusion of this study is that the planned net- work is viable and there are no foreseeable difficulties with meeting heat demand given the stated thermodynamic properties of the planned distribution network.

Available for download on Thursday, June 02, 2022