ENGS 89/90 Reports

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Ryan J. Halter


Ryan J. Halter

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Winter 3-1-2019


Serta Simmons Bedding (SSB) is the largest mattress manufacturer in the US and is investigating launching connected mattresses that help customers improve and better understand their sleeping habits. Our project investigates the feasibility of a sleep monitoring device targeted at children ages 2-7 with a minimum viable product for SSB to use in internal decision making, testing, and eventually limited launch market testing. Specifically, SSB has tasked the Thayer team with designing a non-invasive, smart system compatible with their product line and requested information on the feasibility of a child sleep tracker, including what it might measure and how it could be used.

We are delivering an unobtrusive, safe, and reliable child sleep tracker that improves upon the state of the art and fulfills a need for a noninvasive sleep monitoring system that is relatively cheap and low-maintenance. Our minimum viable product is composed of (1) a mobile app to help parents improve their child's sleep with insights into four key metrics: time asleep, bed exits during the night, restlessness, & bedwetting and (2) an embedded system that senses these metrics. Regarding design, our product consists of an iOS app coded in React Native and a custom sensor suite with a conductive thread sensor, an accelerometer, and two load cells controlled by an Arduino Uno and NodeMCU.

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Go-Forward Plan

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