ENGS 89/90 Reports

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Ryan J. Halter

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Winter 3-1-2019


There are no current second-line antibiotics for children with Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR TB). Current methods to treat pediatric MDR TB consist of splitting up adult formulated pills in accordance to the WHO’s recommended dosages, which depend on the weight and age of the child. This process is very inconsistent, tedious, and time consuming when using the state-of-the-art tools (kitchen knives, standard pill cutters). Under the sponsorship of Health Advocacy Innovations (HAI), we developed a mechanical tool that makes ingesting pills for child patients more convenient, consistent, and swift. Our dose-dispensing tool cuts pills into quarters, stores 30 pills, dispenses the appropriate dosage, and discards unwanted quarters to waste. Our tool was constrained by cost, size, user-friendliness, safety, durability, and consistency. We generated an integrated CAD model and a physical works-like prototype, conducted local user testing, and developed an initial manufacturing plan. In this paper we detail the design process, manufacturing plan, and testing results of our alpha prototype.

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