ENGS 89/90 Reports

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Laura E. Ray


Laura Ray and John Collier

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Winter 3-1-2019


COVER Home Repair (COVER) is a non-profit organization, based in White River Junction, Vermont. They work with low-income homeowners in the Upper Valley to improve accessibility to their houses, lower their energy bills, and increase comfort levels. COVER’s building serves as office space, storage, and a second-hand home goods store. Their current historic building has several drawbacks, which include some of the same difficulties that they help local homeowners to combat: crippling energy bills and declining thermal comfort. In fact, COVER spent nearly $10,300 on energy in 2017. Given that every dollar COVER saves on energy goes to bettering the lives of Upper Valley residents, our group is dedicated to reducing the undue burden that the cost of energy places on the organization.

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