ENGS 89/90 Reports

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John Collier


Solomon Diamond

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Our ENGS90 project fills the need for sustainable greenhouse design. After consultation with the end-users of our design and our stakeholders, we were able to design a greenhouse that is energy efficient, cutting-edge, research-grade, and economically efficient. Our recommended solution involves creating two 20’x24’ greenhouse structures. One structure will be the industry standard in greenhouse design; it will be made with double polycarbonate and heated using an Airquest propane boiler. The other structure will be our cutting-edge design and will be made with H-windows, a well-insulated material never before used in greenhouse design, and will be heated using a Fujitsu electric heat pump. Our cutting-edge design has a lower heating demand, annual carbon emissions, and net present cost over 20 years. Thus, our project demonstrates that sustainable design can also be better for the economy. By creating two side-by-side structures, our project can be used as an experiment that demonstrates the effectiveness of sustainable design. Local farmers and other institutions will be able to physically see the benefits of our cutting-edge design as opposed to the industry standard, which should encourage others to adopt our sustainable model. Our project will serve as an example to other institutions of the feats of sustainable design. It will be a hands-on learning site that can be enjoyed by Dartmouth students and faculty for years to come.

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