ENGS 89/90 Reports

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Peter Robbie


Solomon Diamond

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In 2021, Saucony introduced their most sustainable shoe to date, the Jazz Court RFG; made with just seven materials and natural dyes, the shoe needed a more sustainable shoebox for distribution. Saucony developed a new shippable shoebox made with recycled cardboard, however the box was incompatible with operations in the Distribution Center, and the closure method was time consuming and generated additional waste. This limited the scalability of the box design. The project has developed a novel shoebox design to meet the requirements of all stakeholders – including environ- mental metrics, economic specifications, and supply chain constraints. An iterative design process, incorporating environmental analysis and user testing, guided the decision making process producing over 70 variations of 15 unique designs. An efficient method for shoebox closure is described. An implementation plan is outlined, including possibilities for expansion to other shoe styles within Saucony, and eventual expansion into other brands owned by Saucony’s parent company, Wolverine Worldwide. A concluding analysis showcases the potential reductions to environmental impact and cost that the improved design can realize.

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