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Solomon Diamond

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Metro Mobility operates a fleet of electric bikes for last-mile transit use, serving residents of the Greater Boston area who work in downtown Boston. These bikes charge overnight at stations that Metro Mobility places in parking lots on the outskirts of Boston. They want to increase the number of bike charging stations in their network, but their existing stations rely on access to the electric grid, which limits the locations where they can place stations. Thus, Metro Mobility needs electric bike charging stations that do not rely on grid access to charge their bikes. Additionally, they do not have the electrical engineering knowledge that they need to design and implement such a station. Our team designed a solar canopy that goes over Metro Mobility’s existing bike station, allowing the station to use solar power to satisfy 100% of its energy needs. We are delivering to Metro Mobility a complete solar system, plans for the mechanical canopy structure, and the knowledge and tools that the company needs to update their stations to be off-grid. Importantly, our work helps Metro Mobility to accommodate an increasing demand for solar stations from the municipalities they work with.

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