ENGS 89/90 Reports

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Britt Goods


Solomon Diamond

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Nanopath, our sponsor, aims to address the need in diagnostic testing that provides clinically actionable information within relevant timescales in underserved health clinics and communities. Their product is a disposable test cartridge coupled to a readout device. Our 89/90 project consisted of designing a new point of care readout device targeting women’s health diagnostics for Nanopath. Nanopath’s current reader is too large and is prohibitively expensive for rural health applications. After testing and analyzing data from their existing device, we have worked to design a new benchtop readout device that uses simpler imaging techniques to produce a positive or negative readout from a proxy for a patient sample. Our final deliverables consist of a works-like prototype, as a proof of concept, a looks-like prototype, to show to stakeholders and target users, and a target product profile based on interviews conducted with stakeholders. An affordable readout device is essential in solidifying the use of Nanopath’s product in the field, which when implemented commercially, will make HPV testing accessible for women in low and middle income countries. A cheap, small device that can provide clinically actionable information from fast (less than 15 minutes) in-clinic analysis performed by anyone, is essential in increasing accessibility to treatment and consequently saving lives. Thus, our cheaper readout device has the potential to help improve women’s health worldwide.

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