Genomic Reconstruction of Shewanella Oneidensis MR-1 Metabolism Reveals a Previously Uncharacterized Machinery for Lactate Utilization

G. E. Pinchuk
D. A. Rodionov
C. Yang
X. Li

Grigory E. Pinchuk;Dmitry A. Rodionov;Chen Yang;Xiaoqing Li;Andrei L. Osterman;Etienne Dervyn;Oleg V. Geydebrekht;Samantha B. Reed;Margaret F. Romine;Frank R. Collart;James H. Scott;Jim K. Fredrickson;Alexander S. Beliaev


The ability to use lactate as a sole source of carbon and energy is one of the key metabolic signatures of Shewanellae, a diverse group of dissimilatory metal-reducing bacteria commonly found in aquatic and sedimentary environments. Nonetheless, homology searches failed to recognize orthologs of previously described bacterial d- or l-lactate oxidizing enzymes (Escherichia coli genes dld and lldD) in any of the 13 analyzed genomes of Shewanella spp. By using comparative genomic techniques, we ide