Soil Warming, Carbon–Nitrogen Interactions, and Forest Carbon Budgets

J. M. Melillo
S. Butler
J. Johnson
J. Mohan

Jerry M. Melillo;Sarah Butler;Jennifer Johnson;Jacqueline Mohan;Paul Steudler;Heidi Lux;Elizabeth Burrows;Francis Bowles;Rose Smith;Lindsay Scott;Chelsea Vario;Troy Hill;Andrew Burton;Yu-Mei Zhou;Jim Tang


Soil warming has the potential to alter both soil and plant processes that affect carbon storage in forest ecosystems. We have quantified these effects in a large, long-term (7-y) soil-warming study in a deciduous forest in New England. Soil warming has resulted in carbon losses from the soil and stimulated carbon gains in the woody tissue of trees. The warming-enhanced decay of soil organic matter also released enough additional inorganic nitrogen into the soil solution to support the observed