Adaptive, Convergent Origins of the Pygmy Phenotype in African Rainforest Hunter-Gatherers

G. H. Perry
M. Foll
J.-C. Grenier
E. E. Patin

George H. Perry;Matthieu Foll;Jean-Christophe Grenier;Etienne Patin;Yohann Nédélec;Alain Pacis;Maxime Barakatt;Simon Gravel;Xiang Zhou;Sam L. Nsobya;Laurent Excoffier;Lluis Quintana-Murci;Nathaniel J. Dominy;Luis B. Barreiro


Tropical rainforest hunter-gatherer populations worldwide share the pygmy phenotype, or small human body size. The evolutionary history of this phenotype is largely unknown. Here we studied DNA from the Batwa, a rainforest hunter-gatherer population from east central Africa, to identify regions of the Batwa genome that underlie the pygmy phenotype. We then performed population genomic analyses to study the evolution of these regions, including comparisons with the Baka, a west central African ra