Arabidopsis Type B Cytokinin Response Regulators ARR1, ARR10, and ARR12 Negatively Regulate Plant Responses to Drought

Kien Huu Nguyen
Chien Van Ha
Rie Nishiyama
Yasuko Watanabe

Kien Huu Nguyen;Chien Van Ha;Rie Nishiyama;Yasuko Watanabe;Marco Antonio Leyva-González;Yasunari Fujita;Uven Thi Tran;Weiqiang Li;Maho Tanaka;Motoaki Seki;G. Eric Schaller;Luis Herrera-Estrella;Lam-Son Phan Tran


Cytokinin regulates plant drought adaptation via a multistep component system consisting of histidine kinases, histidine phosphotransfer proteins, and type A and B response regulators (RRs). The functional dissection of individual members of cytokinin signaling and identification of their downstream targets in drought responses are of high importance to provide a complete picture of how cytokinin controls plant drought adaptation. Previous studies have identified functions of several histidine k