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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society


We present spectroscopy and orbital periods Porb of four relatively little-studied cataclysmic variable stars. The stars and their periods are: AF Cam, Porb = 0.324(1) d (the daily cycle count is slightly ambiguous); V2069 Cyg (= RX J2123.7+4217), 0.311683(2) d; PG 0935+075, 0.1868(3) d; and KUV 03580+0614, 0.1495(6) d. V2069 Cyg and KUV 03580+0614 both show He iiλ4686 emission comparable in strength to Hβ. V2069 Cyg appears to be a luminous nova-like variable, and the strong He ii suggests it may be an intermediate polar. The period of KUV 03580+0614 is similar to members of the SW Sex-type nova-like variables, and it shows the phase-dependent absorption in the Balmer and He i lines typical of this subclass. AF Cam shows absorption features from a K-type secondary, as expected given its rather long orbital period. The secondary spectrum and the outburst magnitude both suggest that AF Cam is approximately 1 kpc distant. The spectrum of PG 0935+075 resembles that of a dwarf nova at minimum light, with a noticeable contribution from an M-dwarf secondary star. The secondary spectrum and a tentative outburst magnitude both suggest a distance near 500 pc.