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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society


We present a measurement of the cluster X-ray luminosity-temperature (L-T) relation out to high redshift (z∼0.8). Combined ROSAT PSPC spectra of 91 galaxy clusters detected in the Wide Angle ROSAT Pointed Survey (WARPS) are simultaneously fitted in redshift and luminosity bins. The resulting temperature and luminosity measurements of these bins, which occupy a region of the high-redshift L-T relation not previously sampled, are compared with existing measurements at low redshift in order to constrain the evolution of the L-T relation. We find the best fit to low-redshift (z<0.2) cluster data, at T>1 keV, to be LT3.15±0.06. Our data are consistent with no evolution in the normalization of the L-T relation up to z∼0.8. Combining our results with ASCA measurements taken from the literature, we find η=0.19±0.38 (for Ω0=1, with 1σ errors) where LBol∝(1+z)ηT3.15, or η=0.60±0.38 for Ω0=0.3. This lack of evolution is considered in terms of the entropy-driven evolution of clusters. Further implications for cosmological constraints are also discussed.