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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society


We present results of a search using ROSAT HRI data for X-ray spatial substructures in the galactic supernova remnant G109.1 – 1.0 which might indicate a connection between the remnant’s bright X-ray blob and its X-ray pulsar, 1E2259 + 586. A 0.1 – 2.4 keV HRI image, created by combining separate 28- and 22-ks pointings, reveals the presence of a few small-scale X-ray features, including a NE-SW emission ridge in the remnant’s X-ray blob. Two diffuse knots in the X-ray blob, previously suggested as being aligned with the X-ray pulsar, appear to be statistical fluctuations in the Einstein HRI data. We find no morphological evidence in the X-ray spatial substructures of G109.1 – 1.0 to support a pulsar jet origin for the X-ray blob as proposed by Gregory & Fahlman.