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New Journal of Physics


Department of Physics and Astronomy


We experimentally characterize the non-equilibrium, room-temperature magnetization dynamics of a spin chain evolving under an effective double-quantum (DQ) Hamiltonian. We show that the Liouville space operators corresponding to the magnetization and the two-spin correlations evolve 90 degrees out of phase with each other, and drive the transport dynamics. For a nearest-neighbor-coupled N-spin chain, the dynamics are found to be restricted to a Liouville operator space whose dimension scales only as N2, leading to a slow growth of multi-spin correlations. Even though long-range couplings are present in the real system, we find excellent agreement between the analytical predictions and our experimental results, confirming that leakage out of the restricted Liouville space is slow on the timescales investigated. Our results indicate that the group velocity of the magnetization is 6.04 ± 0.38 μm s−1, corresponding to a coherent transport over N ≈ 26 spins on the experimental timescale. As the DQ Hamiltonian is related to the standard one-dimensional XX Hamiltonian by a similarity transform, our results can be directly extended to XX quantum spin chains, which have been extensively studied in the context of both quantum magnetism and quantum information processing.



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Chandrasekhar Ramanathan et al 2011 New J. Phys. 13 103015