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SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Department of Mathematics


Dense particulate flow simulations using integral equation methods demand accurate evaluation of Stokes layer potentials on arbitrarily close interfaces. In this paper, we generalize techniques for close evaluation of Laplace double-layer potentials in [J. Helsing and R. Ojala, J. Comput. Phys., 227 (2008), pp. 2899--2921]. We create a “globally compensated” trapezoid rule quadrature for the Laplace single-layer potential on the interior and exterior of smooth curves. This exploits a complex representation, a product quadrature (in the style of Kress) for the sawtooth function, careful attention to branch cuts, and second-kind barycentric-type formulae for Cauchy integrals and their derivatives. Upon this we build accurate single- and double-layer Stokes potential evaluators by expressing them in terms of Laplace potentials. We test their convergence for vesicle-vesicle interactions, for an extensive set of Laplace and Stokes problems, and when applying the system matrix in a boundary value problem solver in the exterior of multiple close-to-touching ellipses. We achieve typically 12 digits of accuracy using small numbers of discretization nodes per curve. We provide documented codes for other researchers to use.