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The Astronomical Journal


Department of Physics and Astronomy


Deep Hα images of portions of a faint 3° × 4° Hα shell centered at l = 1596, b = 73 seen on the Virginia Tech Spectral Line Survey images revealed the presence of several thin emission filaments along its eastern limb. Low-dispersion optical spectra of two of these filaments covering the wavelength range of 4500-7500 Å show narrow Hα line emissions with velocities around –170 ± 30 km s–1. Both the morphology and spectra of these filaments are consistent with a Balmer-dominated shock interpretation and we propose that these optical filaments indicate that the large Hα emission shell is a previously unrecognized supernova remnant (SNR). ROSAT All Sky Survey images indicate the possible presence of extremely faint, diffuse emission from the shell's central region. The shell's location more than 7° off the Galactic plane in a region of relatively low interstellar density may account for the lack of any reported associated non-thermal radio emissions. The rare discovery of a Galactic SNR at optical wavelengths suggests that additional high-latitude SNRs may have escaped radio and X-ray detection



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Robert A. Fesen and Dan Milisavljevic 2010 AJ 140 1163