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The Astronomical Journal


Department of Physics and Astronomy


We present astrometric parallaxes for 18 suspected nearby stars selected from the LSPM-north proper motion catalog. 16 objects are confirmed to be main-sequence M dwarfs within 16 pc of the Sun, including three stars (LSPM J0011+5908, LSPM J0330+5413, and LSPM J0510+2714) which lie just within the 10 pc horizon. Two other targets (LSPM J1817+1328, LSPM J2325+1403) are confirmed to be nearby white dwarfs at distances of 14 and 22 pc, respectively. One of our targets, the common proper motion pair LSPM J0405+7116E + LSPM J0405+7116W, is revealed to be a triple system, with the western component resolved into a pair of 16th magnitude stars (LSPM J0405+7116W-A and LSPM J0405+7116W-B) with a 0.7 ±01 angular separation. We find two stars (LSPM J1314+1320 and LSPM J1757+7042) to be significantly overluminous for their colors, and conclude that these may be unresolved doubles/multiples.



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Sébastien Lépine et al 2009 AJ 137 4109