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The Astronomical Journal


Department of Physics and Astronomy


We report parallax and distance estimates for 12 more cataclysmic binaries and related objects observed with the 2.4 m Hiltner telescope at MDM Observatory. The final parallax accuracy is typically ~1 mas. Notable results include distances for V396 Hya (CE 315), a helium double degenerate with a relatively long orbital period, and for MQ Dra (SDSSJ155331+551615), a magnetic system with a very low accretion rate. We find that the Z Cam star KT Persei is physically paired with a K main-sequence star lying 15 arcsec away. Several of the targets have distance estimates in the literature that are based on the white dwarf's effective temperature and flux; our measurements broadly corroborate these estimates, but tend to put the stars a bit closer, indicating that the white dwarfs may have larger masses than assumed. As a side note, we briefly describe radial velocity spectroscopy that refines the orbital period of V396 Hya to 65.07 ± 0.08 minutes.



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John R. Thorstensen et al 2008 AJ 136 2107