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The Astronomical Journal


Department of Physics and Astronomy


Spectroscopic observations for 351 emission-line galaxy candidates from the KPNO International Spectroscopic Survey (KISS) have been obtained using the MDM Observatory 2.4 m telescope on Kitt Peak. KISS is an ongoing wide-field objective-prism survey for extragalactic emission-line objects, which has cataloged over 2200 emission-line galaxy (ELG) candidates to date. Spectroscopic follow-up observations are being carried out to study the characteristics of the survey objects. The observational data presented here include redshifts, reddening estimates, line equivalent widths, Hα line fluxes, and emission-line ratios. The galaxies have been classified based on their emission-line characteristics. The procedure for selecting the ELG candidates in KISS is found to be very reliable: 95% of the candidates in this sample are verified to have emission lines. A comparison of objective-prism survey data—redshifts, Hα line fluxes, and equivalent widths—with the long-slit measurements shows good overall agreement.



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Gary Wegner et al 2003 AJ 125 2373