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The Astronomical Journal


Department of Physics and Astronomy


In preceding papers of this series, TF relations for galaxies in 24 clusters with radial velocities between 1000 and 9200 km s-1 (SCI sample) were obtained, a Tully-Fisher (TF) template relation was constructed, and mean offsets of each cluster with respect to the template were obtained. Here, an estimate of the line-of-sight peculiar velocities of the clusters and their associated errors are given. It is found that cluster peculiar velocities in the cosmic microwave background reference frame do not exceed 600 km s-1 and that their distribution has a line-of-sight dispersion of 300 km s-1, suggesting a more quiescent cluster peculiar velocity field than previously reported. When measured in a reference frame in which the Local Group is at rest, the set of clusters at cz > 3000 km s-1 exhibits a dipole moment in agreement with that of the CMB, both in amplitude and apex direction. It is estimated that the bulk flow of a sphere of 6000 km s-1 radius in the CMB reference frame is between 140 and 320 km s-1.