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The Astronomical Journal


Department of Physics and Astronomy


The "Century Survey" (CS hereafter) is a complete redshift survey of a 1° wide strip. It covers 0.03 steradians to a limiting mR = 16.13. The survey is 98.4% complete and contains 1762 galaxies. Large-scale features in the survey are qualitatively similar to those in other surveys: there are large voids surrounded or nearly surrounded by thin dense regions which are sections of structures like (and including) the Great Wall. The survey crosses the classical Corona Borealis supercluster. The galaxy density enhancement associated with this system extends for <˜100h-1 Mpc-1 (the Hubble constant is H0 = 100h km s-1 Mpc -1) The Schechter (1976, ApJ, 203, 297) luminosity function parameters for the CS are: Mc*Sub = - 20.73+0.17 over -0.18, αcs=-1.17 +o.19 over -0.19, and φ*cs = 0.0250±0.0061 Mpc-3 mag-1 . In concert with the ESO Key Program (Vettolani et al. 1997, A&A;, 325, 954; Zucca et al. 1997, A&A;, 326, 477) and the AUTOFIB (Ellis et al. 1996, MNRAS, 280, 235) surveys, the CS indicates that the absolute normalization of the luminosity function exceeds estimates based on shallower and/or sparser surveys.