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The Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series


Department of Physics and Astronomy


We present the X-ray point-source catalog produced from the Chandra Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS-I) observations of the combined \sim3.2 deg2 DEEP2 (XDEEP2) survey fields, which consist of four ~0.7-1.1 deg2 fields. The combined total exposures across all four XDEEP2 fields range from ~10ks-1.1Ms. We detect X-ray point-sources in both the individual ACIS-I observations and the overlapping regions in the merged (stacked) images. We find a total of 2976 unique X-ray sources within the survey area with an expected false-source contamination of ~30 sources (~1%). We present the combined logN-logS distribution of sources detected across the XDEEP2 survey fields and find good agreement with the Extended Chandra Deep Field and Chandra-COSMOS fields to f_{X,0.5-2keV}\sim2x10^{-16} erg/cm^2/s. Given the large survey area of XDEEP2, we additionally place relatively strong constraints on the logN-logS distribution at high fluxes (f_{X,0.5-2keV}\sim3x10^{-14} erg/cm^2/s), and find a small systematic offset (a factor ~1.5) towards lower source numbers in this regime, when compared to smaller area surveys. The number counts observed in XDEEP2 are in close agreement with those predicted by X-ray background synthesis models. Additionally, we present a Bayesian-style method for associating the X-ray sources with optical photometric counterparts in the DEEP2 catalog (complete to R_AB < 25.2) and find that 2126 (~71.4\pm2.8%) of the 2976 X-ray sources presented here have a secure optical counterpart with a <6% contamination fraction. We provide the DEEP2 optical source properties (e.g., magnitude, redshift) as part of the X-ray-optical counterpart catalog.