Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Infection Induces Il12rb1 Splicing to Generate a Novel Il-12rβ1 Isoform that Enhances Dc Migration

Richard T. Robinson
Shabaana A. Khader
Cynthia A. Martino
Jeffrey J. Fountain

Richard T. Robinson;Shabaana A. Khader;Cynthia A. Martino;Jeffrey J. Fountain;Maria Teixeira-Coelho;John E. Pearl;Stephen T. Smiley;Gary M. Winslow;David L. Woodland;Michael J. Walter;Jose R. Conejo-Garcia;Ueli Gubler;Andrea M. Cooper


RNA splicing is an increasingly recognized regulator of immunity. Here, we demonstrate that after Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection (mRNA) il12rb1 is spliced by dendritic cells (DCs) to form an alternative (mRNA) il12rb1Δtm that encodes the protein IL-12Rβ1ΔTM. Compared with IL-12Rβ1, IL-12Rβ1ΔTM contains an altered C-terminal sequence and lacks a transmembrane domain. Expression of IL-12Rβ1ΔTM occurs in CD11c+ cells in the lungs during M. tuberculosis infection. Selective reconstitut