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Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics


Department of Physics and Astronomy


The 19F spins in a crystal of fluorapatite have often been used to experimentally approximate a one-dimensional spin system. Under suitable multipulse control, the nuclear-spin dynamics may be modeled to first approximation by a double-quantum one-dimensional Hamiltonian, which is analytically solvable for nearest-neighbor couplings. Here, we use solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance techniques to investigate the multiple quantum coherence dynamics of fluorapatite, with an emphasis on understanding the region of validity for such a simplified picture. Using experimental, numerical, and analytical methods, we explore the effects of long-range intrachain couplings, cross-chain couplings, as well as couplings to a spin environment, all of which tend to damp the oscillations of the multiple quantum coherence signal at sufficiently long times. Our analysis characterizes the extent to which fluorapatite can faithfully simulate a one-dimensional quantum wire.