Integrating Bluetooth Low Energy Peripherals with the Amulet

Anna J. Knowles



The Amulet is a health monitor, similar in size and shape to a smartwatch but specifically designed to have a longer battery life and handle data securely. It is equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio in order to receive data from BLE-enabled sensors and transmit data to smartphones, but the full implementation of BLE communication on the Amulet is still a work in progress. This thesis describes architectural changes that improve the Amulet's ability to receive data from a variety of BLE-enabled sensors and make it easier for developers to integrate new BLE-enabled sensors with the Amulet by introducing support for connecting to multiple sensors at the same time, rewriting the radio code to be more generic, and exposing BLE functionality to the AmuletOS. We discuss the relevant parts of the AmuletOS and the BLE protocol as background, describe the current structure of BLE communications on the Amulet, and document the proposed changes to create a system for easily integrating new BLE-enabled sensors and handling connections to multiple sensors simultaneously.