Parallel Computer Needs at Dartmouth College

David Kotz, Dartmouth College
Fillia Makedon, Dartmouth College
Matt Bishop, Dartmouth College
Scot Drysdale, Dartmouth College
Don Johnson, Dartmouth College
Takis Metaxas, Dartmouth College

Dartmouth Computer Science Technical Report PCS-TR92-176


To determine the need for a parallel computer on campus, a committee of the Graduate Program in Computer Science surveyed selected Dartmouth College faculty and students in December, 1991, and January, 1992. We hope that the information in this report can be used by many groups on campus, including the Computer Science graduate program and DAGS summer institute, Kiewit's NH Supercomputer Initiative, and by numerous researchers hoping to collaborate with people in other disciplines. We found significant interest in parallel supercomputing on campus. An on campus par allel supercomputing facility would not only support numerous courses and research projects, but would provide a locus for intellectual activity in parallel computing, encouraging interdisci plinary collaboration. We believe that this report is a first step in that direction.