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Digital Project

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Tarsier Goggles


Department of Anthropology


Tarsier Goggles is a virtual reality (VR) system that allows users to experience the world through the eyes of the tarsier, a small nocturnal primate with enormous eyes. It serves as a hands-on tool for engaging with scientific concepts in optics, perceptual science, and evolutionary biology. It also encourages users to think about their own perceptual systems and environments in comparison to those of the tarsier. The experience can be self-guided or part of a constructivist learning curriculum, and it allows users to toggle between human and tarsier visions. Tarsier Goggles was built in Unity3D with SteamVR for the HTC Vive Pro. For various functionalities like teleportation, splash screens, and tooltips for our tutorial, Virtual Reality Toolkit (VRTK), an open source library, was used. For many of the visual effects, Unity’s built-in post-processing stack was used. Designed assets were built in Maya.

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Samuel Gochman, the Dartmouth Applied Learning & Innovation Lab (DALI), and Nathaniel Dominy. Tarsier Goggles: a virtual reality tool for experiencing the optics of a dark-adapted primate visual system., December 2018.