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Conference Paper

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Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (HotMobile)


Department of Computer Science


Mobile technology has significant potential to help revolutionize personal wellness and the delivery of healthcare. Mobile phones, wearable sensors, and home-based tele-medicine devices can help caregivers and individuals themselves better monitor and manage their health. While the potential benefits of this “mHealth” technology include better health, more effective healthcare, and reduced cost, this technology also poses significant security and privacy challenges. In this paper we propose \emphAmulet, an mHealth architecture that provides strong security and privacy guarantees while remaining easy to use, and outline the research and engineering challenges required to realize the Amulet vision.



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Jacob Sorber, Minho Shin, Ronald Peterson, Cory Cornelius, Shrirang Mare, Aarathi Prasad, Zachary Marois, Emma Smithayer, and David Kotz. An Amulet for trustworthy wearable mHealth. In Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (HotMobile), February 2012. 10.1145/2162081.2162092