Performance Analysis of Mobile Agents for Filtering Data Streams on Wireless Networks

David Kotz, Dartmouth College
Guofei Jiang, Dartmouth College
Robert Gray, Dartmouth College
George Cybenko, Dartmouth College
Ronald A. Peterson, Dartmouth College

Dartmouth Computer Science Technical Report TR2000-366


Wireless networks are an ideal environment for mobile agents, since their mobility allows them to move across an unreliable link to reside on a wired host, next to or closer to the resources that they need to use. Furthermore, client-specific data transformations can be moved across the wireless link and run on a wired gateway server, reducing bandwidth demands. In this paper we examine the tradeoffs faced when deciding whether to use mobile agents in a data-filtering application where numerous wireless clients filter information from a large data stream arriving across the wired network. We develop an analytical model and use parameters from filtering experiments conducted during a U.S. Navy Fleet Battle Experiment (FBE) to explore the model's implications.