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Journal of Glaciology


Thayer School of Engineering


The microstructures of particle-free granular freshwater ice and ice containing 1 wt.% of 50 ± 10 mm uniformly distributed particles were investigated before and after compressive creep to ∼10% strain with stresses of 1.45 MPa at −10°C and 0.4 MPa at −5°C. Creep rates of particle-containing ice were always higher than those of particle-free ice. For an initial stress of 1.45 MPa at −10°C, dynamic recrystallization occurred with new grains nucleating and growing along grain boundaries for both sets of specimens, and the ice with particles showed a higher nucleation rate. Under creep with an initial stress of 0.4 MPa at −5°C, dynamic recrystallization also occurred by the nucleation and growth of new grains along the grain boundaries for ice containing particles, but recrystallization in the particle-free ice occurred through grain boundary migration.



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Song, M., Baker, I., & Cole, D. (2008). The effect of particles on creep rate and microstructures of granular ice. Journal of Glaciology, 54(186), 533-537. doi:10.3189/002214308785836959

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